Refund Policy

We understand that for a customer, the most important thing is their money. We do not believe in cheating our customers for the sake of attaining additional amount and provide no guarantee for that money. On this “Refund Policy” page, the customer will find policies related to refund of their money, in case they are not happy with the order provided to them.

Even after several revisions, if the client is not satisfied with the work; the customer can have a chat with one of our customer representative and discuss the issue. The complete refund of the order placed by the customer is applicable in the following two situations:

  • A complete refund is made if the paper is not revised within the given deadline.
  • The customer is not satisfied with the paper even after assigning a new writer and redoing the paper and delivering within the given deadline. It is important to note here that holds the right to reject any refund claims if they see the claim is based on a slight delay of the delivery or some baseless issues.

Moreover, as mentioned above that we do not believe in charging our customers extra; therefore, when the card is charged twice, the customer can inform us and we will immediately return the extra amount to the customer.

Dispute Resolution Policy

  • If the customer is not satisfied with the paper, they must contact the customer service first before going ahead to claim for a refund request.
  • If the dispute is not solved between the customer and the company within 2 weeks, the customer has right to contact a third-party to resolve the matter.
  • If the customer contacts a third party without talking to the company first, the company will take this as a breach of the agreement and the issue will be then handled by the company as per its own policy.

Kindly note that hold the rights to change or update any clause of Refund Policy at any time. The customer will be informed of the same via email.